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Iain Blair - 602 Squadron RAF
Ian Blair joined the RAF as an apprentice in 1934 (aged 16). At the beginning of the War he took part in the heavy fighting of the first Libyan campaign. He was forced to take control and fly the Blenheim aircraft after his pilot was killed following an attack by an Italian Fiat CR 42. Remarkably he managed not only to evade the enemy aircraft, but fly to fly the Blenheim 350 miles back to his base where he made a successful textbook landing. This extraordinary action earned him the award of an immediate Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM). His heroic act prompted his training as a pilot and he was awarded his wings in May 1941. On return to the UK he served with 501 Squadron on combat duties on Spitfire Mk V's until injured as a result of enemy action. On return to flying duties he was posted to 602 Squadron flying MkV's and MkIX's until June 1944. In February 1944, he claimed a high altitude victory by destroying a Me.109 F at an altitude of 35,000 feet, flying a Spitfire Mk.VII.

Interview Date: 28th March 2009
Interviewers: Sasha Gold and Lyssa Gold

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