History of the 602 Squadron

Roll of Honour - 1939 - 1945 - Lest We Forget
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The Roll of Honour lists the names of those members of 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force who made the supreme sacrifice in the Second World War from 1939 to 1945. Many listed are members of the Royal Air Forces, Commonwealth and Allied Air Forces who flew under the banner of 'The Crossed Lion ' thus they are our brothers.

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Sgt. Bailey, Brian Peter
(741799) RAFVR
Died 30 December 1939
Age 19.

While practicing aerobatics his wingtip hit the ground and Spitfire K9977 crashed near Haddington. Sgt. Bailey is buried at Dirleton Cemetery, East Lothian. Grave Ref. Sec.E. Grave 1000

Sgt. Barton, Harold Ernest
(1384013) RAFVR
Died 22 May 1942
Age 28

On practice formation flying near Brighton with Flt.Lt. Barrett they flew into cloud. Flt. Lt Barrett climbed above cloud and returned to base at RAF Redhill.
Sgt. Barton attempted to go below the cloud base and flew into a row of houses at West Firle near Lewes. He was killed instantly. He is buried at Kingston-Upon- Thames Cemetery, Surrey. Grave Ref. Class A ( Cons) Grave 1319

Plt.Off. Beckley, Ronald Charles
(400615) R.Australian A.F.
Died 22 January 1942
Age 23

On Minesweeping Patrol from RAF Manston his aircraft developed engine trouble.He baled out over the sea and was seen to scramble into his dinghy. Squadron circled for two hours but no boats appeared. Plt. Off. Beckley feared dead from intense cold. His body was not recovered.
Remembered on Runnymede Memorial Panel 111.

AC1 Bishop, Richard William
(574038) RAF
Died - 11 November 1940
Age - 18

Aircraftsman Bishop died of Natural Causes. He is buried Pencombe (St John) Churchyard, Herefordshire. Grave Ref. N.W. of Church

Sgt. Booty, Cyril Anderson
(903448) RAFVR
Died 16 August 1941
Age 22

Diversionary Fighter Sweep from RAF Kenley to St. Omer. Enemy aircraft engaged. Squadron returned and found Sgt. Booty ' Missing '. No one saw what happened.
He is buried at Pihen-Les-Guines Communal Cemetery, Pas De Calais,France. Grave Ref. Row B Grave 4.

Sgt. Brayley, Edward
(1177859) RAFVR
Died - 13 October 1941
Age - 20

Circus 108A from RAF Kenley . Close escort to 4 Blenheims to St.Argues. Heavy Flak, continuous engagements. One bomber shot down. Sergeants Ford and Brayley ‘ Missing ‘.
Buried in Longuenesse ( St.Omer ) Souvenir Cemetery , Pas De Calais, France. Grave Ref. Plot 9 Row A Grave 10.

Sgt. Brown, Ivor Morrison
(965683) RAFVR
Died - 20 September 1941
Age - 28

Circus 100B from RAF Kenley to Abbeville. Few engagements.Sgt. Brown and Squibb ‘ Missing ‘. Nothing seen of where or how.
Buried in Calais Canadian War Cemetery Leubringhen, Pas De Calais, France. Grave Ref. 3.D.10.

Sgt. Brown, Walter Louis
(968148) RAFVR
Died - 24 May 1941
Age - 23

RAF Ayr. Collision during practice synchronized Dive attacks with Plt.Off. Hopkins. Cgt. Brown went straight into the sea. His body was not recovered.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 40.

Sgt. Bryden, John Martin Cullen
(802600) AAF
Died - 08 September 1939
Age - 23

RAF Abbotsinch. First night flight in a Spitfire. Crashed shortly after take-off. Cause of accident obscure. Aircraft was flown into high ground at high speed and was completely destroyed by fire. This was 602 Sqn.’s first fatality of the War.
Buried in Glasgow ( Sandymount ) Cemetery. Grave Ref. Compt. K Grave 1.

Flt.Sgt. Burke, Leonard Joseph
(R/72504) RCAF
Died - 23 November 1941
Age - 23

RAF Kenley. Practice Cloud flying. Crashed into Titsey Hill (800 ft.) which was covered in low cloud.
Buried in Whyteleaf ( St.Luke ) Churchyard, Surrey. Grave Ref. Row I Grave 33.

Flt.Sgt. Chalice, Leonard Harry
(1384598) RAFVR
Died - 04 July 1944
Age - 20

125 Wing in France. Blue Section flying at 14,000 ft .just South of Caen . Bounced by enemy aircraft. Flt.Sgt. Chalice reported ‘ Missing ‘. His body was never recovered.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 216.

Flt.Lt. Cleary, Henry Joseph
(J/5038) RCAF
Died - 08 July 1944
Age - 25

B 11 Normandy . Armed Recce behind lines. Flak heavy and concentrated. Beating up transport near Argentan. Called on R/T to say he had been hit by flak. Climbed into cloud and called for a homing. Nothing seen or heard since. Posted ‘ Missing ‘ 1 July 1944.
Buried at Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery. Grave Ref. XIX F.3

Gp.Cpt. Corner, Hugh Wolfe AFC
Died - 25 April 1942
Age - 43

Visitor from H.Q. Fighter Command. Circus 137 to Abbeville from RAF Kenley. Attacked by FW 190 aircraft near Le Touquet. Baled out too low over Channel. Parachute did not fully deploy.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 64.

Fg.Off. Coverley, William Hugh
(70142) RAF
Died - 07 September 1940
Age - 23

Ordered to patrol Mayfield from Westhampnett to intercept raiders attacking London. Missing after this action.
Buried in Scarborough (Dean Road) Cemetery. Grave Ref. Sec.C. Grave 7A.

Sgt. Elcome, Douglas William
(740713) RAFVR
Died - 26 October 1940
Age - 21

From Westhampnett Sgt. Elcome just disappeared from the formation for no known reason.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 14.

Wg. Cdr. Finucane, Brendan DSO DFC**
(41276) RAF
Died - 15 July 1942
Age - 21

From Redhill Wg.Cdr. Finucane was hit by ground fire on the return leg near Le Touquet. He did not have sufficient height to abandon the aircraft and crashed into the English Channel.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 64.

Plt.Off. Finnie, Alister McKenzie
(401781) RAAF
Died - 18 October 1943
Age - 21

Attacked near Cap Gris Nez. Hit at port wing root. Headed for base. Large patch of oil seen where aircraft crashed.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 191.

Fg.Off. Frith, Maurice William
(139278) RAF
Died - 10 May 1944
Age - 23

Ramrod 859. Escort to Ordel Marshalling Yards. Failed to return. Cause not known.
Buried in Marissel French National Cemetery, Oise. Grave Ref. 227.

Sgt. Green, Paul Frederick
(1282703) RAFVR
Died - 25 April 1942

From RAF Kenley on Circus 137 to Abbeville Marshalling Yards. Attacked by FW 190 aircraft. Sgt. Green was lost.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 151.

Plt.Off. Guy, John Arnold
(J/16557) RCAF
Died - 25 May 1943

Took off from Fairlop with 121 Wing to Abbeville. Turned back with engine trouble. Reported ‘Missing’.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 175.

Fg.Off. Hale, Donald Reginald
(139597) RAFVR
Died - 16 March 1944
Age - 22

Air to Ground firing at RAF Llanber. Struck as tree in tight turn.
Remembered at Enfield Crematorium Panel 2.

Sgt. Hauser, Peter Leonard
(1313675) RAFVR
Died - 11 December 1942

Details not known. Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 85.

Sgt. Hedger, Andre Robert
(1283698) RAFVR
Died - 21 September 1941
Age - 21

From RAF Kenley on Circus to Gosnay. Engaged by many enemy aircraft. Reported ‘Missing’.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 45.

Sgt. Holme, George Selwyn
(1436517) RAFVR
Died - 26 February 1943
Age - 22

From Perranporth on Convoy Patrol was seen to plunge into sea 7 miles West of Lizard Point.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 153.

Fg.Off. Innes-Jones, Edgar Mostyn
(40769) RNZAF
Died - 13 July 1942
Age - 30

From Redhill on Circus199 for Boulogne. Attacked by enemy aircraft. Fg.Off. Innes-Jones did not return to base. Sea search did not find him.
Remembered at Runnymede Memorial Panel 114.

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